Official SOTW #89 Entries

 Topic: Official SOTW #89 Entries
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  Posted on March 22, 2011 20:33
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Sorry for not posting this last week. SOTW should be back on schedule now so enjoyz.

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Bonus Points: 5 Extra Bonus Points for every 2 SOTW won in a row.


Official SOTW #89: Entries

Contest Information
Each week a new theme will be chosen, people will submit their signatures related to this theme and attempt to gather the most votes.

Signature Requirements
The signature must fit the theme chosen
The signature must be any size within the limitations of this forum (580x300pixels)
For vertical sigs follow bellow these limitations (200x450pixels)
Can not be premade

Entry limit
You can enter only 1 signature into this contest once you have entered a signature you may not change your entry.

Time limit
All entries must be in by 11am Saturday (GMT -6) then voting will be open for 48 hours after which the winner will be announced and next contest will begin.
Limit has changed so Dark_soldier can come on at the right time for the contest

The winner will get there personal GFX gallery stickied for 2 weeks, If they do not have a gallery they may choose to make one or forfeit their prize.
The winner may also choose next week's theme.

Final Note
All signatures must be created by the person who enters them if anyone is caught submitting someone else's work they will be punished.
For the sake of keeping the sigs anonymous the makers must also not: Wear there sigs during the full week of SOTW, and also not display it in any ways where people can link the sig to your account/name

Submissions and Judging
Private Message a link to your entry to this Soul-boards account (SOTW) All entries must remain anonymous. Use an anonymous uploader such as Imageshack, Tinypic, etc. If you are having trouble, Pm Dark_soldier for help submitting.

Out of all the submissions Hhrp and Dark_soldier will choose our top 8.
Then a separate topic will be made with the poll of the 8 selected in which people may vote for there favourite. Voting will be open for 48 hours in which the winner will be decided. If there is a draw the voting will be extended until one of the drawn gets a new vote. If you receive a PM from any member to vote for a certain signature, please report it to Dark_soldier.

Due to some accusations there will be a new way for voting.
Much like the Custom character contest this will be the new way to vote;
-Votes will now be counted by post instead of poll
-You must have 200 or more posts to vote
-You are not allowed to vote for yourself
-You can only vote once
Last Weeks Winner
((fujinegro))'s Showcase
This Weeks Contest

- Darkness

- Not required

- Any

Additional Limitations
- none




  Posted on March 22, 2011 21:22
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thank god ....what took you so long lol
all gfx by me+ pawn games+golden puppy+shitcase+sync FTW!!!
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  Posted on March 22, 2011 21:29
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Budoslav wrote:
thank god ....what took you so long lol
&Also, congrats Fuji :>
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  Posted on March 22, 2011 21:32
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Alerane wrote:
&Also, congrats Fuji :>

Thank you :3
  Posted on March 24, 2011 22:36
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wow what a oddly typical theme...
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